Watch this wonderful video featuring many of our parents!


Parents love bringing their children to Inspire Kids Montessori and kids love attending Inspire Kids Montessori. The major reasons parents love Inspire Kids Montessori have to do with the learning environment that’s created. The kids are able to learn multiple languages and learn at their own pace. Parents will admit that their children learned things that they wouldn’t have learned without Inspire Kids Montessori.


Video Testimonial

We have enjoyed bringing the girls to such a nurturing school. We will all miss it and all of you.

The O. Family

As a parent of two past students, I am glad to see that IKM is striving. I know that IKM teacher’s teachings have helped our kids tremendously.

Willie F.

Children and fun, two preschoolers drawing in kindergartenThanks so much for IKM’s support and help in recognizing our daughter’s strengths as well as her weaknesses. IKM is indeed the parents’ partner in helping nurture our kids to become the best they can be. Thanks again so much! We are deeply grateful to everyone at IKM.:) Not only do the kids get quality education they deserve but also they are so loved and cared for, and knowing that makes us feel certain that we chosen the right learning environment for our child.:) Our daughter has grown and learned so much from IKM. We are just so happy and proud of her. God bless everyone at IKM. :-)

Ann G.

After visiting many Montessori schools in the area, I felt that IKM was the one I was happy to entrust my daughter to. For me as a full-time stay-at-home mom and never being apart from my daughter, IKM was the one and only place I felt reassured that she’d be loved, cared for and taught all she needed to know and more. The school is well taken care of and very clean (unlike the other schools I toured). The school has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for quality education with a sincere love & family feel, this is the place for your little one. You won’t regret choosing IKM to be your child’s family away from family.

Melissa T.

I worked as an elementary school teacher and after an extensive search for a Montessori for my 3-year old, I am so happy to have found IKM. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about it, and here are the top 4 reasons why we love IKM: 1) The teachers and staff, they are so loving and caring. My son is so happy there he looks forward to going there every day. 2) The facility is brand new and is very appealing including the custom-built restrooms IN the classrooms just the right size for toddlers. 3) Excellent communication between school and parents. 4) IKM has the ‘home-away-from home’ feel although it is a school. If you want your child to feel cared for and secure and have lots of fun while learning and playing, IKM is THE place!

Mutsumi M.

When my now 3-year-old  daughter came to the US 10 months before starting school, she didn’t speak any English at all. We tried different preschools, and every day was just a nightmare until we found IKM. My little one is truly loved by her teachers here and knows she can depend on the teachers when her parents are not with her. I am so glad she enjoys school. I also hear new English words from her almost every day. When you are thinking of sending your precious one to school, you look for a place which is safe, clean, and cheerful, and can be trusted. Take a look at the [IKM] kids’ faces and see how much they want to stay at school when the parents are picking them up. You will see that [IKM] is the place you really want.

Cathy C.

Thank you for all you do! My daughter just loves all of you at IKM. IKM is like a home away from home for her.

Linda, Josh, & R.

To all of our great grandson’s teachers: Hilary Clinton once said that it takes a “village” to raise a child. Thank all of you so much for being a part of that village. Picking him up every day and listening to him gush about his school was pure joy!

Gami & Jo

Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done. You have helped shape our son into a wonderful little boy and for that we will always be grateful. We will miss our Inspire Kids family lots! LOTS OF LOVE AND BLESSINGS.

The B. Family