Toddler (18 Months – 3.5 Years)

At IKM we strive to provide the best program to meet your child’s needs and celebrate his/her success in every stage of life. The toddler program is the next exciting stage of your child’s life.

Why Inspire Kids Montessori Toddler Programs?


hank-3Your toddler child is learning to be independent and explore his/her newly discovered world. He/she child will also be spending time with age-appropriate learning materials that will encourage him/her to develop the cognitive, language, gross-motor and small-motor skills.

Your toddler’s daily schedule is a little more structured but flexible enough to meet his/her individual needs. Throughout the day your child will have ample opportunities to learn, cuddle, nap, and socialize. He/she will also develop the gross-motor skills at our beautiful outdoor playground (weather permitting).


P1060996Our Toddler teachers are Montessori certified and experienced in working with toddlers, and respect your child’s individual needs. They will help your toddler develop social and cognitive skills while building his/her self-confidence and independence. They will introduce songs, stories and simple materials at a gentle pace and with a deep respect for each child’s development to promote social interactions and cultivate your child’s emerging language skills.

The teachers will also interact with your child to insure a strong emotional bond and trust to create a great experience away from home. It is such a rewarding experience for the teachers to watch your child grow and achieve their development milestones.

Frequent and open communications between you and our teachers are essential for your child’s well being. They will keep you informed about your child’s development, celebrate his/her accomplishments, and address any concerns or questions you may have about your child.


P1060338Your toddler will be spending the day in a classroom that is purposefully and beautifully designed to provide a nurturing environment for your child’s needs and comforts. The classrooms are filled with child-sized furniture, and fun learning materials to encourage their learning and discoveries during this period.

Please call 480-659-9402 for availability and tour appointments.

Parent Testimonial

“Thank you for all you do! My daughter just loves all of you at IKM. IKM is like a home away from home for her.”
Linda, Josh & R