Primary (3-6 Years)

P1060121IKM’s primary childcare program is carefully structured in a three year cycle to respond to the specific needs of the young child who is prepared to learn about how to live in, and understand the real world. We provide quality and nurturing Montessori care to foster the development of the individual child through classrooms with multi-age children and activities that encourage practical living skills, good work habits, academic explorations using concrete materials, and opportunities for positive socialization.

Why Inspire Kids Montessori Primary Programs?

  • Focus on total child development that promotes social, physical and academic growth.
  • Programs that are self-paced and individualized based on your child’s ability.
  • Curriculum that is well-balanced in language (including reading and writing), math, science, social studies and art.
  • Accelerated programs that are offered for gifted children.
  • Enrichment programs in Spanish and Music & Movements are included.
  • Lead Teachers have extensive experience in working with children, and Montessori certifications.
  • Parents are involved and committed to helping their children succeed.
  • Facility is new, clean, beautiful, and equipped with top safety features.
  • Outdoor environment is fun, spacious with nature-themed playgrounds and a school garden.


Your child will be learning the following:

  • Practical Life: Reflects everyday life activities.
  • Sensorial Living: Visual, tactile, baric, thermic, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and stereognosis
  • Mathematic: Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division using concrete material and visualization, instead of just memorization
  • Language: Reading, writing & grammar
  • Science: Natural, Physical & Biological Sciences
  • Social Studies/Geography: continents, countries, land/water, various cultures

Your child’s education will also include Spanish and Music & Movements classes. Weekly Extra-Curricular classes are offered after school for a small additional fee.


photo 5 (1)Our Primary teachers are well-qualified and have vast experience with the Montessori methods and early childhood development. They will provide a safe, nurturing environment and tailor lessons and materials to your child’s unique abilities and needs to ensure a positive learning experience. Your child’s teacher will guide them in developing their love of learning, cognitive skills, self-esteem, independence, and social skills.

We believe teachers and parents working together are important to a child’s development and well-being. Strong relationships are built amongst teachers, parents, and children over the three year cycle. Open communication is critical and our teachers will keep you informed about your child’s development and accomplishments, as well as, listen and respond to your concerns or questions about your child.

Parent Testimonial

“As a parent of two past students, I am glad to see that IKM is striving. I know that IKM teacher’s teachings have helped our kids tremendously.”
– Willie F

“I am still very happy with our choice on IKM for a school for our daughter. We have been with IKM since 2011, and we have been so very happy with how she has grown and developed. I love that Ms Diana knows all the kids names, and that so many of the kids hug her. It tells me that she loves the kids and that they love her too. Routinely when we go to leave, I have to wait for my daughter to give all her teachers hugs. My friends routinely tell us that she is doing work above her age.”
– Chantie F