Kindergarten (5-6 Years)

DSCN7832The three-year cycle is an essential part of Montessori education. Children stay in the same Primary room with the same teacher and group of children for 3 years, which promotes a wonderful sense of community and belonging. During this cycle, children experience different roles, responsibilities, and perspectives. Each year, children become more independent, leading up to their 3rd year (Kindergarten) where they have the unique opportunity to be community leaders and role models.

The Preschool year (1st year): each child is familiarizing him/herself with the environment & learning how to care for self and lay down the foundations of reading, writing, and math for their second year.

The Pre-K year (2nd year):  ease & and comfort of the environment to allow each child to continue accelerate on each subject, where each child starts reading and writing as well as practicing math.

The Kindergarten year (3rd & most important year): at this stage each child are learning and applying the more complex works, including writing story paragraphs, grammar, addition/subtraction up to 4 decimals (tens of thousands), and are capable of learning even at the higher levels of math such as multiplication and division. This Kindergarten year is crucial in the children life as it prepares them to be successful in their future schooling for elementary years.

Why Inspire Kids Montessori Kindergarten Program?

  • Sophisticated curriculum
  • A pivotal year in education
  • Familiar & supportive environment
  • Teaching students how to learn
  • Development of self discipline
  • Role-model year, which builds self-confidence & higher-level thinking
  • Kindness & respect
  • Scholarships available


P1050996The benefits of our Montessori Kindergarten program extend far beyond the kindergarten years by providing children with the skills they need to be life-long learners and valuable members of a community. Montessori is focused on teaching for understanding and helps your child learn how to learn. During this year, your child is able to concentrate for longer periods of time and to do more complex work. Your Kindergartener will develop their language, logical reasoning skills, and leadership skills:

  • Language skills are rapidly developed and expand exponentially, including: recognition of letters, sounds and letter connections, and words. Interest in reading and writing grows as well.
  • Ability to understand more abstract math concepts and use logical thinking to increasingly complex math work are fostered. By age six, many Montessori children are comfortable with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of four digit numbers, the decimal system and fractions.
  • Social skills are increased through more autonomy and by being a mentor to younger children. Your child will solidify their learning and understanding of concepts by teaching others. Children are encouraged to share and work cooperatively, thereby, learning to respect one another and build a sense of community.


P1060699Our Primary teachers will work individually and in small groups with your Kindergartener to provide lessons and materials that are at a challenging level, tailored to your child’s unique abilities and needs to ensure a positive learning experience. The Montessori methods provide an environment that will naturally teach your child self-discipline, and cultivate critical skills such as concentration, self-control and motivation.

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Parent Testimonial

“My almost 5 year old daughter has been with IKM for a little over 2.5 years already. My 17 month old son just started with them this January. So these alone says a lot how much we love this school.

It’s amazing to see what my daughter can do at PreK – read chapter books, spell, write and construct sentences, she can do 3 digit addition (with regrouping), subtraction and a plethora of other things I didn’t expect kids her age can do. A lot of her friends at IKM are pretty much in the same boat– way ahead of the game academically and socially. Imagine what Kindergarteners had been doing at IKM – it’s just amazing how much they learn. Not only that, kids LOVE to learn.

We highly recommend this school.”
– Ann G