Infant (6 Weeks – 18 Months)

Your child’s first years in life are a critical time that can determine his/her success in school and future relationships, and build his/her independence that will last for a lifetime. The Inspire Kids Montessori Infant Programs start from the age of six weeks until the age of 12 months, and the ratio of children to adult is five to one.

Why Inspire Kids Montessori Infant Programs?

Our high quality childcare programs utilize a brain-based developmental method with deep understanding and respect of the individual child. Our goal is to nurture your baby’s abilities and developments, so they can achieve the most of their critical development milestones in our well designed supportive environment.

Activities & Classroom

Child At NurseryYour infant will be cared for in terms of his/her needs for feeding, sleeping, cuddling and interacting with other children. He/she will be spending his/her day in a classroom filled with age-appropriate learning materials that will cultivate his/her cognitive, language, gross-motor and small-motor skills. Your child’s daily schedule will be flexible to allow him/her to eat, sleep or play according to his/her own schedule.


Our teachers will always interact with your infant to insure that a strong emotional bond and trust develops. Our school will be their home, a great first experience away from home. Our teachers will communicate with you regarding his/her diapering, feeding, sleeping, and accomplishments as well as any concerns he/she might have on a daily basis.


Let's Dance!When your child is around 15 months, walking and ready for next stage we will begin arranging visits to the one of Toddler classes to ease the transition to the next exciting stage of his/her development. Our teacher will communicate and share her thoughts and observation with you before the transition begins. As always, we will work together to provide the best programs to meet your child’s needs and celebrate his/her successes in

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Parent Testimonial

“Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done. You have helped shape our son into a wonderful little boy and for that we will always be grateful. We will miss our Inspire Kids family lots! “
– Gami & Jo