programs2We offer a high quality childcare Toddler Program for children 16 months to 3 years, Primary Programs for children ages 3 to 6 years. The Primary Programs continue in the same environment from the Preschool level through the Kindergarten level.

Dr. Maria Montessori emphasized the importance of the child being given an uninterrupted three-hour work period every day which will provide a meaningful learning.

The Inspire Kids Montessori Primary Classroom Environment is a prepared environment designed to aid your child:

  • To be independent and confident
  • To develop the skill of concentration
  • To respect the environment, himself/herself and others
  • To become self-motivated and successful learners

programs3We take the utmost responsibility to respect these principles with your child and we adhere to these ideals for the success of your child learning in the Montessori environment. The use of this Montessori method has been proven by modern research to enhance performance, interest, memory, creativity and persistence in students. Some of the benefits of this educational system, as stated by the American Montessori Society, include:

  • Each student is treated as an individual and recognizes the different learning styles of each child.
  • Montessori students develop order, coordination, concentration, and independence beginning at an early age.
  • Working within parameters set by teachers, Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits.
  • Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge.
  • Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach.