New Year’s Resolutions to Make With Your Kids

As we prepare to ring in 2018, most of us are vowing to make positive changes in our lives for the new year. While the first things that come to mind might be eating healthier or becoming more financially savvy, there are other resolutions to make as an entire family that could be even more impactful.

Morning & nighttime routines are always a scramble. This year, try slowing down a little bit and creating rituals that reinforce your bond as a family. Instead of throwing frozen waffles in the toaster, try waking up a little earlier than your children do and making breakfast at least once a week that you can all sit down and enjoy together. Try creating a family movie night every weekend where you pick a favorite film, gather up some leftover holiday goodies, and watch a movie together…with no phones allowed! This list of 89 Incredibly Wonderful Movies to Watch With Your Kids has some great suggestions.

Here are some more ideas you can set together as a family:

  • Sign up to volunteer together
  • Set a goal to have dinner together at least 4 nights per week
  • Set a goal for your child to eat every color of the rainbow each day (and we’re not talking about Skittles!)
  • Set a goal to take a walk or a bike ride together as family twice per week.
  • Commit to checking your child’s homework each night and helping them reach their academic goals.
  • Encourage your child to choose a new activity to do after school and have them commit to at least 2 months in the new activity. As an added bonus, commit to attend these events to support them!
  • Begin a gratitude project as a family. Here is a great idea for a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.
  • Friends have the potential to influence your children greatly. Take time to sit down with your child and talk with them about how to pick friends wisely, and signs to look out for that could indicate they might need to consider different friends.
  • Encourage your child to set a goal for something they want and then work with them to develop a game plan to reach that goal. They can do this by running a lemonade stand, setting aside items for a garage sale, or taking on small chores around the house and saving their money.
  • Sit down as a family and develop a clear action plan on achieving all the goals you have set.

We hope these ideas will help you work towards your best year yet in 2018! Happy New Year from Inspire Kids Montessori!

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