Inspire Kids Montessori vs. Mainstream

Inspire Kids Montessori

  • Emphasis on cognitive & social development
  • Care of environment & self
  • Lessons presented with concrete materials that graduate into abstract reasoning
  • Individual Instruction/Self-discipline
  • Child sets own learning pace.
  • Child chooses own work.
  • Control of error built within materials
  • Child reinforces own learning by repetition of work and intrinsic success.
  • Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration developing a “stereognositic” sense.
  • Anecdotal collection of child’s progress


  • Emphasis on social development
  • Group and individual instruction
  • Abstract lessons are introduced with none or few concrete demonstrations.
  • Less emphasis on self-care instruction
  • Teacher relays information
  • Teacher is the center of the environment.
  • If error is corrected, it is done so by the teacher.
  • Learning is reinforced by repetition and rewards.
  • Lessons not individualized & introduced without consideration of individual readiness
  • Instruction pace set by group norms
  • Fewer materials for sensory development
  • Traditional assessment is according to standardized norms.